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Facilities management office is responsible for the management of buildings and services. These services are considered divided into hard services and 'soft services'; hard services includes such things as ensuring that a building's air conditioning is operating efficiently, reliably, safely and legally; soft services includes such things as ensuring that the building is cleaned properly and regularly or monitoring the performance of contractors (e.g. builders, electricians).

It is the role of facility management to ensure that everything is available for staff in an organization to do their work. Facility management may range from the small scale (e.g. janitorial) to the large scale such as Johnson Controls' operation of heavy equipment. Here at JABSOM, facilities' role has further been expanded to include the provision of specialized environments for medical research.

A list of Facilities Management Office forms:

  1. Kakaako Employee Resource Checklist -- (Updated: 04/15/08)
  2. JABSOM Personnel Request Form (for New/Change/Replacement Access Cards, Space/Keys/Phone/Internet) -- (Updated: 03/01/12)
    for JABSOM Personnel Request Form
  3. New Work Request System - eFacilities AIM (Effective July 1st, 2013)
    Submit Request to report problems or to request services related to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and/or other building functions.
    Click here to login to AiM
    - eFacilities User Guide
    - eFacilities Website -- AiM-related information
    AIM assistance - 692-0910
  4. Kakaako JABSOM Power Outage and A/C Schedule -- MEB power outage schedule and regular and special event AC schedule.
  5. BSB Janitorial Schedule & Freezer Checks Schedule -- (Updated: 04/24/06) For viewing the current janitorial clean-up schedule and the freezer checks schedule.
  6. Supplies Stockroom -- Please refer to the Fiscal and Administrative Affairs webpage.
  7. Internal JABSOM Event Request Form -- (Updated: 10/06/14) Internal Use Only. Refer to the Kakaako Facilities Usage Policy
  8. External Reservation Request Form for JABSOM Facilities -- (Updated: 10/06/14)
  9. Parking Rules -- (Updated: 10/06/08)
  10. Guest Parking Information -- (Updated: 08/03/10)

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