Long Lives, Short Lives: Why Are There Stark DIFFERENCES Among Hawai`iʻs People?


The University of Hawai`i’s multidisciplinary research into why some of Hawai`i’s residents live the longest while others struggle to get beyond their fifties will continue under the leadership of John A. Burns School of Medicine Dean Jerris Hedges, MD, with a new $15.4 million RMATRIX-II grant.

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Why are Students in My Hospital Room?


One day they’re in a classroom, the next day they’re in your hospital room or clinic, following your doctor around.

How do we get our third-year medical students ready to take in all the activity that happens in a real health care setting?


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Multidisciplinary Training at UCERA's Lau Ola Clinic 

Did you know that the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) has its own healthcare clinic, where we help train medical students?

And where MDs continuing their specialty work under JABSOM supervision? Did you know that our Lau Ola Clinic also partners with UH Hilo’s Daniel K. Inouye School of Pharmacy to help give clinical setting opportunities to students?